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Shadows of the Mind- OUT NOW!

Kia ora folks,

This is certainly a monumental month for me and one that has taken 2.5 years to achieve.

The second book of the Whispers of the Past trilogy is now out in paperback and eBook from Amazon. Shadows of the Mind is the continuing story of three mates slipping back into the early New Zealand past of 1863. Though this book is different as the story is not only set in New Zealand but moves on to Scotland and England, with one of the characters desperately trying to find his mate.

I had to do a fair bit of research in the UK, but I also did not want my main character to lose his Kiwiness and I also brought in a strong woman into the picture which rounded out a story that complements the story. It was a novel I enjoyed writing and it leads up to the last book in the series perfectly. Clearing of the Mist

Shadows of the Mind is going out as a launch special of $23 in New Zealand with free post, for both books $40 free post. The full retail price is around $29.99 each so this is a good discount and it will run through until the 12th November. If you are a retail shop please get in touch as there is a special price for you.

They can also be bought through Amazon in paperback and eBook. Whispers of the Past is been rejigged at the moment so the eBook will be back on Amazon before the end of the month. With the second book I have self published under Weka Fiction with the help of Fraser Newman from Atlantis Books in Rotorua. I cannot thank him enough for his help when I had no idea what I was doing, when in doubt I ring Fraser. The cover of Shadows is another remarkable piece of illustration from Tania at “Draw Full of Giants,” she spent hours getting it perfect for me and there are not enough praise I can heap on her, the cover is brilliant.

So know I can sit back in awe at what I have achieved to date and wonder if my high school teachers who said to me I could not write my way out of a paper bag. I smile at that as I left school at fourteen and at that time is was probably right. That's in the past. What I have written has certainly made up for all those years that I thought I might write a story but never got around to it, then stuck the thoughts of a book into the two hard basket.

So it's done and dusted. If you have the opportunity to read my books I would love to hear from you your thoughts good or bad. If you buy the eBooks and you have an account on Amazon I would appreciate a review as this helps my book to become popular, if you cannot do that then email yours truly with your thoughts It helps a writer perfect their art.

Check out my web page download free of charge the first three chapters of Whispers. On the site are the synopsis for all three books and reviews for both books to date. Whispers has 206 reviews and Shadows at this time only being new has seven.

Thanks for the interest and below are the links to check out the publications

Haere Ra,

Owen Clough,


Hawkes Bay New Zealand


Shadows of the Mind on Amazon :

Whispers of the Past Amazon:

Amazon site:

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