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February 2017

Everything comes to an end eventually.

We left for home today, the 22nd of February, after been away since the 16th December. We traveled around the East Cape of New Zealand, spending time with family at Gisborne. We have owned our motor home now one year and have been overnight in it for 105 nights; we sure don't let the grass grown under our feet.

We have stayed in some beautiful spots on this trip, and it was nice to sit outside and write. I managed to put to bed four chapters of “Clearing of the Mist” well, the first draft of those chapters, though a good effort as this was a holiday.

The disappointing thing was I ran out of “Whispers of the Past” books and it been the norm for me ever since running out to take orders so I can send them out when we arrive home. We have been informed that the new box of books has arrived at our home address.

Once we return home, I'll work on the next place or places to visit with my book, in the mean time I need to complete the last book of the trilogy and spend the next few months cleaning it up ready for proofreading.

The second book that will be released this year is “Shadows of the Mind”, and the proofreading at this stage is work in progress.

Looking ahead once the trilogy is completed I have this idea to write a children’s illustration book on one of the trams in Christchurch. I have asked my daughter to illustrate the book that has a working name of BERNIE, so watch this space.

Don't forget you can order "Whispers of the Past" through this site and the cost is $30 free post in New Zealand.

If you are interested in receiving an update on my future books, pass on your email address to me, and I'll include you on my mailing list. Contact once again from this site.

That's it for now. The photo (below) in this blog is taken at Hicks Bay, where I sat outside with my breakfast and coffee and wrote with birdsong around me. Magic.

Catch you again soon.


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