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Another Week.

Clearing of the Mist

Completed 23 chapters at this point in time, the story is slowly moving towards it's completion. Still a wee way to go and I’m thinking about the ending, I haven't as yet got that firmly in my mind.

I have decided to place a note book by my bed in the evenings. I usually wake with a story or part story fixed in my head. Sometimes it's not for the book I'm writing but can be used as a suggestion down the line when I have finished the Whispers trilogy. I think I have another couple of books so far, well the start of them.

Shadows of the Mind

With Kaye proofreading this book now, I decided to reread the book again to see how it feels. I needed to change a few things in the story to make sure the book was complete within it's own pages. At the same time leaving enough intrigue for the public to think it can go on.

Whispers of the Past

I was let down a bit by The Gnome Bookshop the other day. At the beginning they said to come up on the Thursday night be there around 5.30 pm and we will take six books on consignment. We hired a car for the trip to Brisbane for the 200km round trip. The day of the mix and mingle, I received an email to say we will only take two books and be here at 4.30. They said been an unknown author they changed their mind. I thought hard about this. Not only was I put out by the car hire but 200km for two books on consignment. We decided to flag it. I'm happy to accommodate folks but this was I thought not a fair go. It was costing them absolutely nothing.

A different story on the Saturday, we were invited to the RSL in Redcliffe Brisbane, a few old Air-force blokes and some waaf's, wife’s and husbands. They were enthusiastic about my book as I took it with me, sold four and most took my card as a few would like to buy this book as an eBook. The contrast stood out between both of these places.

Don't forget you can purchase “Whispers of the Past” through me, and of course I will sign it especially for you. Also, it's available from the publisher, Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand. As well as that, Paper Plus, Take Note, and some independent bookshops in New Zealand have it. It's also available throughout the world in paperback, look at The Book Depository UK, or Wordery for free delivery worldwide. Other suppliers are Barnes and Noble USA/Canada, Abbey's Bookshop, Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Fishpond, and Booktopia Australia.. For eBooks go to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.


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