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Proofreading Book 3.

Whispers of the Past A bit slow on the sales front in Australia, but I'm looking down the line. I have joined a few sites like Kiwis in Brisbane, Kiwis in Sydney and the Gold Coast. So the book is getting exposure through these places. Also, I have sent out emails to the larger book shops, and I hope that they will buy the book from their wholesalers. I have given out 400 of the personal business cards on this book, and I think this has been positive as a lot of people have said they will buy the eBook version. Since the web page has been up and running three people from New Zealand, have requested to purchase the book and one from Sydney. So I have to be happy.

Shadows of the Mind

Kaye has been working diligently on this book, proofreading and fashioning the book to become easier to read. Ten hours straight on Saturday and Sunday. She will need a break from it on Monday so we will go out for lunch for being such a good girl. Kaye is very methodical she puts everything into what she does. Not only does she check grammar and comprehension, but also sentence construction. Maybe she might be slower than the standard full-time proofreader, but she is so much cheaper.

Clearing of the Mist

I spent the last week thinking of and writing a fight scene; it takes place in Egypt, this is a critical part of the story.

I hadn't written a scene like this one on one; I didn't want to prolong the fight and make it to gory. I have written an ambush and an invasion scene in Whispers of the Past but nothing like this chapter I just finished.

It was interesting how the tale spun out, I had the sequence firmly in my mind, but for some unknown reason the pen decided to do its own thing, and the scene ended up completely different to what I was going to write. In the end, I let the pen do its own thing.

My son gave suggestions, and I think that the writing has turned out okay, though of course, the proof is in the pudding. This was my week on Clearing of the Mist.

Don't forget you can purchase “Whispers of the Past” through me, and of course I will sign it especially for you. Also, it's available from the publisher, Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand. As well as that, Paper Plus, Take Note, and some independent bookshops in New Zealand have it. It's also available throughout the world in paperback, look at The Book Depository UK, or Wordery for free delivery worldwide. Other suppliers are Barnes and Noble USA/Canada, Abbey's Bookshop, Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Fishpond, and Booktopia Australia.. For eBooks go to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.


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