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My New Website.

My New Web Site

I had a few hiccups with getting my website up on the net, it just wouldn't come up for me, and I didn't get any response from the site owners for help. Eventually I rang the domain people and they helped me fix it in a minute, but still I couldn't see it. Others seemed to have no problem with it, just me. My daughter told me it was up and running, in the States as of this morning, but I still couldn't see it in Australia. I was told it should take around 24 hours.

My granddaughter Sofia designed the website; my wife proofread it, and my daughter Tania, an Illustrator from Drawer Full of Giants, ran an experienced eye over the finished product.

Shadows of the Mind

Kaye has started back proofreading. Spending time changing the way I write to make it more presentable can be time consuming, but one thing about my wife Kaye, she is persistent and methodical, so in the end the story will be the best it can be.

Clearing of the Mist

I finished chapter 20 of the first draft, and now on to number 21. I have never written a fight scene before, well not really? Not one that has a few people involved one on one, and this is where I'm up to, at the moment. I have been trolling through you tube and reading about the subject. I'm finding it a little bit daunting, but the general consensus is to just write it without stopping. Don't worry about spelling or even if you have it right. Make sure you name the people involved and always remember that the human body cannot go for hours fighting. Most clashes are over within five minutes, and your hero is either dead or bleeding profusely from knives, guns, bats or any instrument you have decided to use. At the end they will be knackered.

In a way I'm lucky as my son did karate for quite a few years then kick boxing. From there he did amateur and professional boxing. With all his knowledge at my back, I will write it out and get his thoughts on my first draft, and see if he can give me any tips to make it a better read.

Don't forget you can purchase “Whispers of the Past” through me, and of course I will sign it especially for you. Also, it's available from the publisher, Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand. As well as that, Paper Plus, Take Note, and some independent bookshops in New Zealand have it. It's also available throughout the world in paperback, look at The Book Depository UK, or Wordery for free delivery worldwide. Other suppliers are Barnes and Noble USA/Canada, Abbey's Bookshop, Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Fishpond, and Booktopia Australia.. For eBooks go to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads. is up and running!

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