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A Marathon Day.

A marathon day!

Yesterday was a great day, I went back over chapter nineteen and completed the first draft, 3100 words; a good effort. While writing this chapter, another section of the book popped into my head. It gave me a sequence that I had been looking for down the line, so I had to stop what I was doing and write it in my journal. You've got to write it down when you think of it or it'll dissapear, never to be remembered, in quite the same way again. That was another 700 words. So overall yesterday, I pumped out nearly 4000 words. I'm a wee bit pleased with myself. This is the last book in the Whispers Serious, 'Clearing of the Mist.'

Don't forget you can purchase “Whispers of the Past” through me, and of course I will sign it especially for you. Also, it's available from the publisher, Lang Book Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand. As well as that, Paper Plus, Take Note, and some independent bookshops in New Zealand have it. It's also available throughout the world in paperback, look at The Book Depository UK, or Wordery for free delivery worldwide. Other suppliers are Barnes and Noble USA/Canada, Abbey's Bookshop, Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Fishpond, and Booktopia Australia.. For eBooks go to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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