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The Synopsis

Shadows of the Mind

Samuel McInnes aka Mack, severely wounded in the attack on Auckland in 1863, recovered consciousness on HMS Esk heading to Scotland via Sydney, Australia.


Sam is mistakenly repatriated to Scotland as the army believe this is where he is from. With the loss of memory, his life becomes complicated, as he falls for a young nurse on the voyage who has a secret that she will not reveal to him until he is fully recovered.


Out of place, out of sync, he finds himself in an alien world. Memories from another time come and go as he tries to adjust to his new life. He struggles to remember who he is and how he come to be here, while always hoping his memory will return.


Will he get home to his own century?


The second book in the Whispers trilogy.

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"Shadows of the Mind" Review #1

Both of Owen’s books ‘ Whispers of the past’ and ‘Shadows of the Mind’ are very good reads & I recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good book. I am looking forward to the third book in this trilogy which will be out next year. Owen has always been able to tell a good story and as historical novels these are brilliant !!

- Kevin Tomes

(Canterbury, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #3
I just finished your book Shadows of the Mind Owen in a couple of nights. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy this book as well as the first book in the trilogy Whispers of the Past. Now I cannot wait for the final book to come out Clearing of the Mist. Great story. It is well written. Thank you.


- Keith Potter 
(Takapau, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #5

Owen...once again you've done it. Written a great yarn that I couldn't put down. Enjoyed Shadows as much as Whispers and that was immensely!. I really did enjoy both books Owen you should be incredibly proud, they both are great reads. I'm looking forward to the Hollywood Movies coming out 
Get writing the third instalment I'm really looking forward to it


- Barry Corbett
(Christchurch NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #7

Hi Owen Just finished reading 'Shadows of the Mind'. Was a fantastic read from start to finish. Very easy to follow the story and flows on well from 'Whispers of the Past'. Really looking forward to catching up with the characters in the final book in the Trilogy.


- Diane Butler

(Brisbane, Australia)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #9

Just read Shadows Owen, you have done it again, another good, hard to put down read. I am now waiting for the final to come out. You had better get on with it Mate. Well done.


- Mike O'Hare

(Brisbane, Australia)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #11

Hi Owen, What a great book, I barely put it down, 28hrs I had it, 13hrs to read it. (Not much farm work done) The story just flowed and held my attention from start to finish. Can't wait for the next book, get cracking mate


- Adam Johnson

(Paeroa, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #13 

I have read them both and thoroughly enjoyed them, It is a good storey and worth more than you have to pay for them. Get the gorse out of your pockets and help keep the bailiffs from Owens door.


- Mike O'Hare

(Brisbane, Australia)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #15

Once again, Owen, you have left me waiting for the next book. An excellent read, that was hard to put down

- Mik

(Queensland, Australia)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #16 

Well Owen, another enjoyable book. It only took me a few days to read it as I could not put it down. I felt I was inside the story and that's a great achievement. I'm literally looking forward to the last book in the trilogy Clearing of the Mist. Well done, five stars

- Kevin Clough
(Auckland, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #17

I'd thought I would let you know that I have finished Whispers of the Past a couple of weeks ago and saw the second book was up online Shadows of the Mind. I just finished that yesterday. I have to tell you that those two books were very enjoyable to read. I have never read anything about New Zealand before, and you left me with wanting to find out more about your country. Whispers was intriguing and Shadows continued on from the first book and was easy to pick up the story. I loved the idea of Bob looking for his friends in a genealogy way as I'm a keen on genealogy myself. It kept me flicking the pages as quickly as I could read the books.

Well done I will have my eye out for the final book in the trilogy Clearing of the Mist. Keep up the good work sir.

- Jack Dempsey

(Bristol, England)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #20

Dad, I've an hour left on my flight and I've just read the last page of your book. What a master you are at telling a story. I wasn't successful at stopping myself from silently crying in places (trying not to be obvious to my seatmates), it's as if the characters are intimately known by me. I delighted in the personal family connection's and the underlying personal traits of people we know, I laughed to myself wondering if everyone who reads about John Clough would be left wondering if that was a real person or a fictional name and you couldn't do any better than to use your So very blown away at the gift you have of telling a story. I'm equally sad it'll likely be another year before we get to read the final chapter in the saga, I'm already filled with anticipation. 
I found book 2 to be an ideal place for what was happening in the story and I'm so intrigued to what's about to happen. You can fit in twists and turns that really delighted me as I hadn't guessed till it was almost revealed, which really was wonderful not being predictable. I guess all this to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVED the book. This HAS to be made into a movie! What a legacy. Very proud of you.

- Tania Hassounia


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #24

I just finished the 2nd one wow, so good well done Owen Clough. Bill is also reading them both

- Yvonne Hart 
(Ashburton, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #26

Finally remembered that I owed you a review.

I did say I couldn’t put it down, but there is more.

I usually read at night with an eReader (in the dark) Quite often I have to go back a few pages next time I open the book as I had fallen asleep the night before.

Not so with “Shadows”, for a few nights in a row I read much too late, and then stayed awake analysing what I had just read. Next night I remembered exactly where I was up to.

As a genealogist, I particularly liked the way you wove 2017 research into the story.

On a couple of occasions, I contemplated getting up to check “Ancestry” for Sam & Bella!

Can’t wait for the third book.


- Murray Reid


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #28

I have just finished reading ‘Shadows of the Mind’ and found it a very interesting and entertaining read.

Mary Sluter.

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #29

I had to email you Owen, your book, what a bloody great book I absolutely loved it. Now I cannot wait for the third book in the trilogy to come out. 
Where the heck do you get the ideas from great stuff.

Sandra Coppard
Rotorua NZ

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #34

Owen, am really enjoyed the second book

Rachael Broomhall NZ


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #36

Good morning Mr Clough,


I thought I would write to let you know that I was thrilled to read your second book Whispers if the Past. Now I wait in anticipation for the third book in the trilogy to come out.

What a story I enjoyed it on all levels.

Thank you and I look forward to the next edition.


Jilly Small


Vancouver Canada


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #2

I Just finished Shadows of the Mind...can't wait for Clearing the Mist now! Bring it on!

- Valerie Smith

(Napier, New Zealand)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #4

I have finished your book today. How and when is the next one out in the trilogy? I enjoyed the read immensely! I need the next book out now damn it I can't wait.

- Lorraine Wills


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #6

Just a note Owen, I finished your book last night. I could not put it down, neglected to do stuff around the farm as I had to finish it. Brillant story, I just loved it. I'm looking forward now to the conclusion of the trilogy Clearing of the Mist. Well done.


- Dave Gedye

(Ormondville, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #8

Owen Clough’s books ‘Whispers of the past’ and ‘Shadows of the Mind’ are excellent historical novels. They are great reads for book lovers. I finished reading both books within a few days. I am waiting for the release of the book ‘Clearing of the Mist’, the third in the trilogy.

- Arundathie Abeysinghe

(Sri Lanka)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #10

Whispers of the past continues.

In order to make sense of this second book in Owen Clough's trilogy, I recommend reading his first book, Whispers of the Past. That said, this is a terrific read, a tale of the continuing saga of the accidental time slip that saw three modern-day New Zealanders transported back to the Victorian era. It follows the life of Sam, a best friend Bob's attempt to try and find out what happened to his friend, forced to live out his life in the latter years of the 19th century. It's a great read with so much wonderful detail of the Victorian era. I was completely enthralled by Sam's story, and being English, I actually shared in some of Victoria's difficulties in understanding some of Sam's modern idioms. Shows the difference between the speech of us Brits and our Antipodean cousins! Example? We go hiking, they go tramping. This is a super read and I loved it from start to finish and look forward to the third book in Mr. Clough's trilogy.


- Harry Porter


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #12

I can fully recommend Owens books to you all. An awesome tale to read!


- Michelle Payne

(Gore, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #14

Bob is hunting for his friend Sam, who he was forced to leave in 1863, after Sam was shot in the head. He scours the internet looking for any information he can find. In 1863, Sam wakes on a ship heading for Scotland with no memory of who he is, or how he got there. Aided by his nurse Bella, who's hiding her past, Sam tries to piece together his life based on what he knows about himself and some modern devices he brought with him from 2015. Sam and Bella fall in love, and their lives take a turn neither could have predicted. In the future, Bob learns of their extraordinary fate through marriage and birth certificates, newspaper articles, and the internet.

Shadows of the Mind is an amazing adventure, taking the reader through time. It also offers a glimpse into amnesia. In the book, Sam is without his memory, yet he's able to retain certain information, like slang, but more importantly, who his character, who he is at his core. He doesn't let his environment redefine who he is as a person. It makes Sam an immediately likeable character, one the reader roots for throughout the book. Shadows of the Mind is an instantly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.


- Adam,


"Shadows of the Mind" Review #18

Hi Owen. Finished Pt 2 of your series yesterday. A really great yarn. I look forward to Pt 3.


Susan Walker

(Auckland, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #19

Just finished it..looking forward to no 3..great story Owen..loved it


- Lesley Smith

(Tauranga, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #21

Really enjoyed this next installment of the story. Really kept me riveted, wanting to know what happened next. Worked well, reading about Sam in the past, and then reading about how his friend in the present is working to track him down through genealogy records. Was so good reading how things Sam knows about helped him while living in the past. Really looking forward to the third installment!


- Loretta

(Otago, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #22

Liz finished it first and thoroughly enjoy it. Brilliant work mate.


- Ian Wilson

(Christchurch, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #23

Hi Owen Clough. I left you a note in our messenger connection a while ago. I've bought and read Shadows of the Mind. Loved the story as much as Whispers of the past. 

- Eleanor Gamarsh

(California, USA)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #25

I am enjoying yr book. when I put it down I wonder what will happen next very good reading and this is from someone who finds it had to sit and read


- Jean Heke

(Northland, NZ)

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #27

This is an intense and intriguing story of three men, Bob Kydd, who tells the story, and his friends Sam and Shane. In 2014 the three of them take to a trail winding around at the base of a volcano in New Zealand. As they travel on a trail, the air gets foggy as they 'framp' into the bush where animals abound. But suddenly as they pass through the mist, they find themselves in a different time zone, 1863, where they discover their long-gone ancestors. They exist there for nearly two years. Will they all survive to return to the current time zone? Will they be able to find the portal in the fog? Don't dare scan to the end of the story which is a great surprise. The story contains many words popular to New Zealanders, which may slow reading. I chose to listen to the narration as I read on my Kindle and that really helped me move along and enjoy the story much better. It's awesome. The characters are well developed and it was a joy to learn all about them and their experiences. Highly recommend this exciting story.

- Nancy L. Silk

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #30

Hi Owen – yes we have read your books – very enjoyable. Regards
Marion and John

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #31

Hi, I have just finished your book and enjoyed reading it, even if I found it hard to reconcile the time travel parts. The historical story is a good one on its own. Being a genealogist, I found your theme interesting.

Celia Geary 
Palmlerston North

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #33

Hi, Just wanted to say, loved the first 2 books in the series, can't wait for Clearing of the Mist. Also saw the overview of Liquid Gold. looks great and looking forward to reading more! Great to read fiction with a familiar Kiwi feel.!!! Thanks

Kevin Holdaway

"Shadows of the Mind" Review #35


Hi Owen, yes I read it as soon as I got home, very enjoyable too. How far away is the third?

Doug Dew
Hamilton NZ

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