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Australia is in crisis. Water has vanished and they look with envy at New Zealand with its abundance of it. A plan is devised to use the might of the Australian forces to take it for themselves.

Plan on reading Owen's 4th novel


The Trilogy

3 mates. One annual tramp, and a storm that transports them back 150 years into the past to the start of the New Zealand wars.

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"I always felt as if I had a book in me, and it took until I was retired to let it come to life. The story, as I wrote it, had a life of its own and I still enjoy re-reading it."


- Owen Clough

Receive your autographed copies direct from Owen
$28 each, $55 for two books, or $80 for the trilogy set  PP $7 or $8 up to 3 books - NZ only
PDF copy - $5.00 each

A 10% discount is offered to New Zealand Schools and Libraries
Payment in NZD  |  PayPal or Direct Credit

Owen, you have brought such a special, emotional, upstanding good guy to the world of literature. Sam is just one of the blokes, sure, but he’s golden too. It’s not often we come across his like (salt of the earth), anywhere we go in life. I mean as a reader, or just day-to-day dealings, you know? Just a unique kind of goodness about Sam, to be emulated by readers of all ages. Think of the legacy Owen Clough and his Sam character will leave behind! I’m not overstating anything; I’m sure you have had lots of feedback about your stories and about Sam. GOOD ON YA, mate!


Terry and Paula Grundy | Editors | Canada

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